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There are special banks in the Netherlands where you can borrow money if you have little income, receive benefits or have a negative BKR registration. These banks have been specially created to help people who cannot get a loan from a regular bank.

These banks are the social credit banks. They can be found throughout the Netherlands, often under a slightly different name. Another name of this special bank is the German Banker, or Sociale Bank or Credibank Nederland.

Borrow money

Borrow money

Which bank you can go to depends on where you live. For example, if you are a resident of Rotterdam, go to the Credibank Rotterdam. Via this bank you can for example:

  • Borrow money for furniture
  • Borrow money for household appliances
  • Borrow money to redeem payment arrears.
  • Borrow money to pay off small debts.
  • You cannot borrow money for a car, boat, motorcycle or caravan.

Apply for a loan

Apply for a loan

These rules of the Credibank Rotterdam (KBR) generally apply to all Social or Municipal Credit Banks in the Netherlands. The eligibility requirements for a loan are often quite simple. The loans are primarily intended for people who cannot go to an ordinary bank. For example, because an ordinary bank thinks your income is too low, or because you have a negative credit registration with the BKR.

Whether you are eligible for a loan often depends on a number of things. The consultant will go through this with you. They then look at your income, your possible debts and your spending pattern. See his options for a loan then you will get this. But it may also be the case, for example, that you are advised to first cut your expenses. Or they first look for other solutions to pay off your potential debts.

A visit to the municipal credit bank is certainly worthwhile in many cases. You can make an appointment immediately by calling your municipality and asking about it. For an overview you can also visit the Social Banks Netherlands website. There you will find an overview of all municipal credit banks in the Netherlands.

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